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Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer Writing a review of Twilight is so much harder than I could ever believe. Probably because I am divided; I'm fully aware that the relationship is highly unhealthy and my inner feminist IS screaming of annoyance every time Edward is being controlling - but the fact is that Stephenie Meyer is nailing the emotions and the feeling of being a teenager and longing for the world-turning love that we all fantasise of. I read Twilight in summer 2008, aka a couple of months before the film and all the hysteria with it was released. I had found it in a book store the previous Christmas and bought it for my friend, but as it happened we never exchanged gifts and the novel lay wrapped in my bookcase for half a year. As I was about to go to a summer camp, I remembered the book and brought it "to have something to read".At the camp, we were intensely surveilled the whole time and I had activities from morning until bedtime. Fully occupied every minute of every hour. And all I wanted to do was to read the stupid book. After the first chapter I was completely hooked - I thought about it all the time and fantasised about reading it. I think Meyer really captures the essentials of the longing romantic teenager - the feeling of not being worthy of love and the obsession of someone you think you cannot have (Bella is constantly afraid of the moment when Edward will "discover" her selfbelieved true dull self and consequently leave her).And yes, I was totally obsessed with Edward, like everyone else. Reading New Moon (which I bought as soon as I finished Twilight) got me so upset that I had to check the final pages that everything was going to be OK and when I read Midnight Sun (from Edward's point of view), my spontaneous reaction truly was "I have to let Bella see this". Since Twilight, I have found books that almost give me the same obsessive sensation and urge to read them - but not quite. Therefore, my inner teenager gives me no choice but to rate Twilight with 5 stars. But if you're looking for a stronger heroine - read Divergent. It made me jump out of my socks.