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The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking)

The Knife of Never Letting Go  - Patrick Ness Meh... As predicted, I did not return to this book.
Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout OK, so it's not high literally quality exactly. And there's a lot of Twilight going on - superhuman, glowing, pushing away although attracted... But somehow I'm falling into the trap all over again. Sure, Kat is way more independent and fierce than Bella ever was - however there are too many similarities for my taste. Still I'm so enchanted with Daemon and his hotness and actually had to stop reading a few times in need of swooning. Oh crap, not again...
Heist Society - Ally Carter Reading the outline of the plot, Heist Society seemed... I don't really know, I just know that immediately when I started reading the novel I was disappointed. Maybe I expected the book to take place at the school and to have some Harry Potter-feeling mixed with some Sherlock Holmes, but this was not what I wanted to read. I found the plot quite thin and not particulary interesting. Also, as some of the other reviewers has mentioned, I couldn't picture the characters as 16 year olds.If there is a book out there containing what I obviously was expecting (Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes or Mission Impossible in a mixture), please let me know. Or perhaps I have finally found the inspiration for my debut novel... Remember where you first read about it!
Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep Finally something a bit original! I must admit that after 1001 stories about 16 year old girls who kick an immense load of asses, it's wonderful to read about a 30 year old who does the same thing. I even started when realising that Gin actually is a woman whose experience doesn't seem ridiculously overexagerated. The rest was good too ;)
The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa "Kanin" means rabbit in Swedish... Nuf said
The Demon's Covenant (The Demon's Lexicon, #2) - Sarah Rees Brennan So much better than the first book, I guess I prefer Mae's perspective to Nick's...
The Pursuit of Love - Nancy Mitford I have read the Mitford sisters biography by Cecilia Hagen several times and I am equally fascinated by their alternative story by the eldest of the sisters, Nancy. Next on my list is "Hons and Rebels" by second to youngest sister Jessica.
Piratica: Being a Daring Tale of a Singular Girl's Adventure Upon the High Seas - Tanith Lee I read an exerpt of Piratica maybe 10 years ago and loved it, and I really like the plot. However, something makes it so hard for me to read this book. So sadly enough I have to abandon Piratica and stop wasting time on books I don't look forward to reading.
Enclave - Ann Aguirre I cannot help but compare Enclave to Metro 2033, and it is unfair to do so since the latter is a modern chef d'oeuvre. Nevertheless, Enclave is a romantic dystopian with nothing similar to Hunger Games.EDIT: After reading a few other reviews I couldn't agree more on how the subject of rape is treated in the book and I feel compelled to lower my rating severely. I'm a little repulsed by myself of how I mostly overlooked it - I fear I'm damaged by Twilight among other similar novels.
Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor So unbelievably hard to rate and review. I've had problems reading this book, especially since I hate when the MCs aren't together like they're supposed to.
Scarlet - Marissa Meyer I liked Cinder, although it was kind of simple. Scarlet, however, really did develop and explore more of the possibilities created by Meyer's world. Cannot wait until next book!
Cinder - Marissa Meyer Clever and romantic, but a little predictable unfortunately.
Overbite - Meg Cabot Such a disappointment! I have to admit that I wasn't overly fond of Insatiable, but this follow up is just plain boring and annoying. No, Lucien isn't good for you, and that we knew since the last book already! Basically when this book ends, I get the feeling that we haven't got anywhere, which is a huge mistake. It reminds me of the late books in the Princess Diaries chronicles; the ranting over the same stuff and the MC's incapability to get the gist.
Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor Lovely book, although with a bit too much of flashbacks for my taste.
Sirensong - Jenna Black I am so unbelievably tired of the topic on women's virginity! I thought this was the 21st century and that we finally had progressed in the view of male versus female sexuality.
Berättelser från Engelsfors (Engelsfors, #2.5) - Sara Bergmark Elfgren,  Mats Strandberg,  Karl Johnsson,  Lina Neidestam,  Kim W Andersson Håller med andra recensenter; Jättefint och kul, men det gick alldeles för fort att läsa ut den - hann aldrig få ett grepp om helheten förrän det var över.